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You just got engaged!

What do you do now?

You just got engaged?!? Congratulations!! I’m so excited for you and your fiance’! This season of your life will be like no other and you should enjoy every moment of this time together! This is probably the first time that you’ve been engaged and it knowing where to start can be confusing. I’m hoping that I can help you out! Here are a few things I think you should do after you say “I will marry you!” to your fiance’.

1. Take Pictures

Take a minute to stop and take some pictures, because you’ll want pictures of you and your fiance’ after you just got engaged, where you got engaged, and any details that you’re fiance planned for it!

2. Call your family and friends

You’ll want to call the important in your life before splashing it all over social media. You want your Mom to find out you’re engaged directly from you instead of finding out the next day as she is scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.

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3. Find out what the wedding budget is/will be

You can’t start planning your wedding until you know how much you have to spend and how soon you’ll have that money to spend. Keep in mind that vendors will usually require a retainer or down payment to reserve your day with them and that will need to be paid immediately.

4. Decide what your priorities are

Sit together and decide what your priorities are for that budget. What will be the things you spend most of your money on and list it out.
*cough cough* your photography should be a very high priority *cough cough*

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5. Start a list of vendors you want to contact

I’m sure you’ve been researching vendors for a while now so, start making a list of those vendors so you can send them messages to start a conversation for your wedding!

6. Research laws for your marriage license

Each different city, county, state, and country has its own laws for what you need to do to receive a marriage license. You’ll want to look this up sooner rather than later just in case there is a wait time between filling out the form and actually receiving your license. Go to this website to learn more about obtaining a marriage license in Utah.

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7. Read the 5 love languages book together

This book talks about the ways that people will show and how they want to receive love. To be honest, I think reading this book should be a priority for each and every couple. Learning how your spouse shows and receives love will make your marriage flow better and will help you understand each other better! You can find it here on Amazon

5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman


Again, congratulations on your engagement!! I’m so excited for you and I would love to talk with you about your wedding! Plus, did you know that your engagement session is included in every wedding package I have? Cool huh?

Shoot me a message here and we will get started planning your personalized photography experience.

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February 15, 2020


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