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Wedding Postponing Tips and Tricks

I'm here to help!

Dear Brides and Grooms,

With all the craziness happening in our world right now (COVID-19 and Earthquakes anyone?), some of you are having to postpone or cancel your weddings! I’m so sorry for you and the stress this sickness is putting you under. I’m here to help and support you!

If you’ve had to postpone your wedding and your photographer is already booked, I’d love to help you!! I’m offering those couples who don’t have a photographer for their new wedding date 10% off any of my packages! I hope that this can alleviate some of the stress of postponing your wedding.

In the meantime, here are a few tips to help you get through this stressful time:

  • Understand the COVID-19 guidelines. There is a lot of information going around about what you should or shouldn’t do. Check the CDC’s website for all the specific information you will need for your event.
  • Don’t wait to postpone. There are a lot of couples who are having to postpone their weddings so dates are filling up quicker than you think with the vendors that you want. Now is the time to start looking at the dates that would work for your new wedding date
  • Already sent your invitations? Don’t worry about that. There are a lot of wonderful designers out there who have created “Change the date” cards that you can send to your guests! Elise Creates Weddings and Jes Married have created the cutest change the date cards and bonus, they are free!
  • Work with your vendors. Remember that we are all in this together (did you sing that line? High School Musical always pops in my head when I read that sentence?). If you’re having trouble rescheduling your vendors, consider asking them what date they are available in the month you are thinking about getting married and consider picking one of those dates.
  • Weekdays are wonderful. Most vendors are booked for the Fridays and/or Saturdays during the busy season so if you’re set on those vendors, you might consider looking into a weekday wedding! I got married on a Thursday and, honestly, I loved it! The vendors I wanted weren’t completely booked and some things were even cheaper.
  • Plan your Plan B…If your wedding is May, June, or July you should start making a Plan B just in case. You never know if you’ll need it and it’s better to be prepared!
  • Keep your ceremony date. Keep your wedding date and postpone the reception. Have a smaller ceremony on the wedding day you’ve chosen and a big reception at a later date with all of your family and friends!
  • Keep calm and Wedding on! No one ever thought we would have to deal with a pandemic in our times. So we are all in this together! Let’s weather the storm with as much grace, understanding, and love as we can!
  • Don’t cancel the event! We understand that you’re stressed having to cancel your event.  Most of the time if you postpone you won’t incur any fees from your vendors but if you cancel, you’ll probably won’t get a refund on your deposit. Remember that we are business owners too, so we need to do what is best for our families and for our businesses.
  • Go get a Fiiz! A Fiiz will help you feel better! I promise!

Fiiz Drinks, Utah Wedding Photographer

I’ll be posting any other deals I see from vendors in this crazy time! Remember that COVID-19 (hopefully) won’t last forever! I hope that you don’t have to postpone your wedding but if you do, know that I’m here for you!

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March 19, 2020


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