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Shoot and Share Contest Results! 2019

What a whirlwind of a month it’s been! I’ve been sucked into voting in the Shoot and Share Contest, yet again. I’ve been having so much fun seeing all the images that my fellow photographers have taken over the past year!

There are some amazing photographers out there and I love that the Shoot and Share Contest is completely biased free and anyone can enter into the contest, EVEN YOU! You should consider entering next year! There is even a phone photography category. So step up those phone photos and get ready to enter next year!

It was a great year of photography with so many amazing clients and their amazing weddings! 3 out of the 50 images I submitted went pretty far!

Top 20% – Wedding Couple

I love that my couples photos are consistently reaching at least the top 30% of their photos! This beautiful photo of Katie and Austin was in the top 20% of photos in the Wedding Couple category, specifically, it placed 6185/45058!

I have been working on creating beautiful images and part of that includes having some foreground. I loved the idea of peaking through the marble hand rail to see them sharing in a moment together.

Formal session at utah state capitol, bridal session at utah state capitol, bride and groom sharing a moment together

Top 30% – Creative Projects

This necklace was included in the giveaways for the launch of Jesi Peterson Photography…although it almost wasn’t. I loved this necklace SO MUCH I considered getting a different one so I could keep this one! I love how simple it is but how complex and beautiful the gem is! Wondering where I got it? I bought it from an amazing jewelry shop on etsy. My favorite jewelry shop in fact, Voulez Designs. This shop is local to Utah and I see her jewelry at lots of pop up shops that I go to (and I’m pretty sure I buy something every time I see her items)! This one placed in the Top 30% for the Creative Projects Category, 4767/18262.

Top 30% – Phone Photography

I love this picture! Partially because of the memories that come with it but mostly because it is pretty (and pretty tasty)!

This beautiful hot chocolate and sweet roll were made at Harvest, a small restaurant in Historic Park City! The food was so good and my husband, the lover of hot Chai, said their Chai was the best he had ever had (that is saying something)! This image placed in the top 30% of the Phone Photography category, 2214/7593.

Hot Chocolate, Sweet Roll, Harvest Park City, Park City, Utah

I can’t wait for the rest of this year and the amazing shoots that I will get to be a part of! Hopefully I will have amazing clients and amazing images to enter next year!

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March 1, 2019


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