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Shoot and Share Contest Results! 2018

It’s that time of year again! The Shoot and Share Contest is here again as is voting! I had so much fun voting…and I probably spent way too much time voting on my fellow photographer’s images and can I tell you, there were AMAZING photos this year! I didn’t see any of my own photographs this year but that’s okay because I got to see so many other beautiful images and vote on them! 3 out of 50 of my photos made it to the top 20 and 30% of their categories!

Top 20% – Wedding Details

This image was a favorite from Aly and Jake’s engagement session. Meet Kaline, Aly and Jake’s dog! She is the cutest dog you will ever see! I asked Aly if she would sit still enough to let me take a picture of her ring on her nose. This beautiful girl got it on the first try! She sat so still and we got this beautiful shot that placed in the top 20% of the Wedding Details Category, specifically, it placed 2322/16755!

Shoot and Share Contest top 20 in the wedding details category, dog balancing engagement ring on nose

Top 30% – Wedding Couple

This is Aly and Jake on their wedding day! They had a beautiful wedding in a big red barn! Aly found these boot-shaped glass cups to drink out of at their reception! They are such a fun couple to be with and their wedding reception was no exception! This one placed in the Top 30% for the Wedding Couple Category, 10748/36983.

Wedding Couple, shoot and share contest top 30 wedding couple category, bride and groom drinking out of boot-shaped glasses

Top 20% – Creative Projects

This is my little girl. My beautiful Aspen girl admiring her Christmas tree! I started a tradition this year to take pictures of my kids by the lit Christmas tree. This image came out and made me cry. I look at this picture and see everything that children bring to the holiday. Her innocence and happiness are contagious and she reminds me how to be happy and see the little things in this life! This image placed in the top 20% of the Creative Projects Category, 2372/13502.

top 20 in shoot and share contest 2018, little girl admiring Christmas tree

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January 18, 2018


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