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Before the Wedding

Planning Tip

When planning a wedding there can be so much stress and so many things to think about. While talking with a friend she said “There is so much to think about with this wedding! Where do I start? What did you do that you felt was best?” Immediately the suggestions started flowing. Everything from where to start to how to stay as stress-free as possible on the wedding day! And, I decided to share my thoughts and suggestions with you!

List #1 is all about what to do before the wedding. Remember that it is your wedding day. However you want to plan things and whatever you want to wear is all up to you!

Get Organized

Get a wedding planning binder (I love these inserts from or an app (The Knot – Apple, Android, and Wedding Wire both have great apps) to help you keep everything organized!

Download this Free Printable Wedding Planning Binder with planning resources & dividers to keep all your wedding details organized.(Image from

Don’t be a copycat

Gather inspiration for your wedding but remember to make it uniquely yours. Don’t copy exactly what someone else did!

Watch out for Mother Nature

Watch the weather in the days leading up to the wedding and don’t stress about it. If it rains, embrace it! Buy umbrellas or wellies in your wedding day colors. That will create some amazing memories and beautiful photos!

Number your RSVPs

If someone forgets to write their name on their RSVP you’ll know exactly who you sent it to and won’t need to track it down who hasn’t responded.

Image result for numbered RSVPs

(Image from

Use in-season flowers

When talking with your florist keep costs down by trusting your florist to create a beautiful bouquet using in-season flowers. If you show your florist your inspiration you are using for your wedding (create a Pinterest board for these inspirations and show it to them) then they will create beautiful flowers for your wedding and they will be cheaper because they are buying the flowers that are in season.

New Perfume

Every time you smell the fragrance when you wear it after the wedding it will remind you and your spouse of the memories you shared that day!

Make Compromises

Take a minute to think of the other people who are contributing to your wedding. Are your parents paying? Then make sure you take some of their thoughts into account. Don’t blow off their ideas, wants, or needs. Find a way to compromise!

Have tips to add?

Are there any tips you would add to the list or any lists that you think I should make? I would love to hear them! Add a comment below!!


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July 27, 2017


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