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Pinterest Do’s and Don’ts

Planning Tip


Do: Use Pinterest
I don’t know how brides planned their weddings before pinterest!! Okay…I do know how (a lot of work) but, I am happy I live in a time where Pinterest exists! Pinterest has SO many great ideas for weddings! From black tie to backyard wedding help! Utilize it!


Invite people to join pinterest boards

Don’t: Be Afraid to Share Boards

Take advantage of the ability to have multiple people pin to your boards for friends and family involved. This is especially helpful when you’re not all in the same vicinity. If your future mother-in-law is making the favors, you could have a shared board with design ideas. This way no matter where you’re located, everyone is on the same page and collaborating together.


Do: Create Multiple Specific Boards
Type-A brides (like me) in particular might want to look into creating multiple boards. Organization will be your best friend! For example, a strictly bridal beauty board makes it easy for your hairstylist and makeup artist to navigate and get a better sense of your vision without having to scroll through a bunch of pics on table settings. With that said though, it’s worth giving them a quick glance at all the details to ensure your beauty look lines up with the overall vibe you’re going for. Other separate board ideas include: photography that speaks to you, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, cakes and décor elements.

Multiple, Specific Boards


Do: Change Captions
Take the time to be descriptive now. This will enable you to easily search your pins for exactly what you want. If it was a lace gown that you pinned but you pinned it for the bride’s hair be sure the caption reads something like “Bun Up-do” so when you go back you aren’t wondering why you pinned. It’s important to personalize each caption, making sure you’re very specific about what it is that drew you to the photo in the first place.


Don’t: Keep Looking Once You’ve Made Decisions

With an overwhelming amount of great ideas and wedding photo eye candy, the toughest part of using Pinterest is knowing when to call it a day. Once you have signed the dotted line on vendor contracts, started dress fittings, and mailed the invites, it’s time to look away from those boards. Seeing “better” ideas after you’ve finalized planning will just add unnecessary anxiety or, even worse, lead to last-minute changes, price, and stress.



Do: Delete Pins Weekly

You’ll pin so many things in the beginning of your engagement, pinning everything that you think you might want. Go through your pins weekly and delete those that don’t fit the vision of your wedding anymore!



Don’t: Be Unrealistic

Not all is what it seems on Pinterest. Don’t be fooled by the models. When you’re looking at hairstyles on Pinterest or in magazines, some of those models may have hair extensions and additional hairpieces, so be realistic about what your hair can do and stick to a more natural look.Millionaire Wedding



Find my Pinterest page here for wedding ideas!

October 18, 2016


  1. Jill says:

    Love these tips- thanks for sharing!

  2. Jill says:

    Love these tips! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Holly says:

    Great tips! Especially love the one about deleting – definitely want to refine that board as much as possible!

  4. I love this! As an avid Pinterest user, I don’t know how I got things done before! It is definitely an awesome tool as long as you don’t get sucked in or get unrealistic expectations (as you mentioned in your last point!).

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