I am a wife to the most supportive husband a girl could ask for and mommy to two spunky kids. I spend WAY too much time and money on Amazon after getting totally sucked into those "35 things you need from Amazon" articles on Facebook! "Why, yes little article, I do in fact need that (clicks the link and adds item to her cart)!"

fueled by FIIZ and bread!

hi, Im jesi

a Wedding photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah

I love arraigning freshly cut flowers, sitting in the grass listening to a book, and perusing Pinterest for my next decorating project.

I'm a loud music jammer, whale lover, Netflix binger (Gilmore Girls and Grey's Anatomy anyone?), Instant Pot enthusiast, double stuffed Oreo eater, gamer, happiness preserver, wedding photographer, and so much more! 



my top 5


Specifically, a Persian from the #fiizhiddenmenu! Dr. Pepper, Coconut, Peach, Vanilla, and Cream, don't mind if I do!


gilmore girls

In Omnia Paratus
Oy With The Poodles Already
I Just Got Hit By A Deer!
This Thing We're Doing Here, You, Me...I'm In, I'm All In



No one laughs harder at my jokes than I do!


lemon treats

Any baked lemon treat will do! Lemon bundt cake, lemon bars, a lemon filled doughnut, ANYTHING sweet and lemony!


simple jewelry

Gold or Silver, it doesn't matter, as long as it is simple it will be perfect!