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How to Shoot Your Holiday

Your Kids

Tips for taking beautiful images of your children

Looking at the magic of Christmas through our children’s eyes can be AMAZING! I can’t believe how happy Aspen gets when she sees a house with Christmas lights on them! It’s a beautiful (and startling) sound when she screams in the car “Some more Christmas lights!!!” She is so excited to dump all the sprinkles onto one cookie and then stuff that cookie in her mouth!

Our children can remind us to slow down and simplify our holiday season! Here are some tips to shoot your kids better during this holiday season!

Set the Stage

Sometimes you just have to set the stage. Not everything happens spontaneously. Move the tree (if you can) by the window, sit your child down, and take their picture! Set up those cookies strategically on a plate, take them to the window, and take pictures of them.

Did Aspen just stand by the tree and touch the lights? NO! haha usually, if she is by the tree, she is ripping ornaments off just to see if they will break when she drops them (okay…maybe she doesn’t do it consciously but it feels like it! haha). I told her to stand there and count the lights and she counted them…over and over until I felt like I had the pictures I wanted. Then I just let her be her and look at the tree!

Child standing by Christmas tree touching the lights

Focus on the subject

If you focus on the eyes of your child they will POP out of the photo! Focus on the eye that is closest to the camera and shoot away!

Open up that Aperture

Take your aperture to the lowest number it can go. The lower the number you set, the more light that hits your sensor and the blurrier the background becomes, creating those Christmas lights to go to little circles (Did you miss how to make those Christmas lights look like large circles? Check out my post about shooting your tree).

Child smiling in front of the Christmas Tree

Raise the ISO

Don’t be afraid to up the ISO if you need more light! It is more beneficial to up the ISO then try to brighten the photo after you take it!

The Light in a Child’s eyes is all it takes to make Christmas a magical time of the year!

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Tips for taking beautiful images of your children

December 23, 2017


  1. Amanda says:

    Great tips! Easy to understand!

  2. Marquette says:

    Oh that photo with the tree and your daughter is so priceless! I love it!

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