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I'm Jesi and this is one of my favorite places to be! You can find my latest work, tips & tricks for couples, and a peek into my life. So I hope you grab a cup of your favorite drink and take a look around! I’m so excited you’re here! 

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Easter around our house has become an ever-growing favorite holiday for our little ones. Hopping around like a bunny wearing a bunny ear headband saying “Look mommy! I’m a bunny!” One of the fun Easter activities we love to do is make Jello Jiggler Eggs and I’m excited to share just how to make them!

Jello Jiggler Eggs

Our Easter Tradition


If you’ve been following along on Instagram and Facebook you may have caught the hints about something BIG coming! Well, it is here!! I am completely rebranding the business! Changing my business name and the brand that revolves around it!

The Big Secret…The New Brand!

Jesi Peterson Photography


It’s that time of year again! The Shoot and Share Contest is here again as is voting! I had so much fun voting…and I probably spent way too much time voting on my fellow photographer’s images and can I tell you, there were AMAZING photos this year! I didn’t see any of my own photographs […]

Shoot and Share Contest Results! 2018


Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love taking pictures of it! The “How to shoot your Holidays” series continues with how to shoot your Kids.

How to Shoot Your Holiday

Your Kids