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I'm Jesi and this is one of my favorite places to be! You can find my latest work, tips & tricks for couples, and a peek into my life. So I hope you grab a cup of your favorite drink and take a look around! I’m so excited you’re here! 

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I was checking the weather every few minutes, like that was going to change the forecast haha. As I checked and checked again, the rain started letting up a bit! HALLELUJAH! I let Meg know that we are still on, it might be cold but we were still on! When we met on Soda Row, the sun was lighting up the clouds beautifully! I thanked the Lord that we wouldn’t be rained on and we agreed that a little bit of cloud cover was better than a downpour!

Cloudy Oquirrh Lake Engagement Session

Meg and Jake


Flash. That is what I saw in my rear view mirror. Flash after flash after flash! We decided to wait out the downpour and I’m so glad we did! We soaked our shoes, slid in the mud, and had so much fun!

Rainy Engagement Session at Dimple Dell

Cecilia and Stephen


I have Brides and Grooms ask me

“We will have so many images from our wedding day…why do we need to have an engagement session?”

The answer to this is…of course not. This is your wedding and your engagement and you can do whatever you want. BUT, I want to help you understand why I care so much about you having an engagement session!

Top 3 Reasons You Need An Engagement Session

Planning Tip


Colton and Taylor were the first couple to enter our giveaway and I’m so glad they did! When they entered they were dealing with a lot of stress in their lives and I was so excited for them to be our winners! They met in high school and reconnected a couple of years ago on Facebook! Colton asked Taylor to marry him on a ski lift up at the sundance resort! How romantic is that??

Hidden Valley Park Engagement Session

Colton & Taylor | Draper, Utah