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Katie and Kyle’s beautiful backyard wedding in Murrieta, California was filled with the joining of two families in love and happiness and delicious tacos!

A Backyard Wedding Joining Two Families

Katie and Kyle | Murrieta, California


As they emerged from the temple to the whoops and cheers from their family and friends they both broke into huge smiles! Meg looked so amazing in her mother’s wedding dress that was made by her mother and grandmother!

Fall Le Jardin Wedding

Meg & Jake


I was checking the weather every few minutes, like that was going to change the forecast haha. As I checked and checked again, the rain started letting up a bit! HALLELUJAH! I let Meg know that we are still on, it might be cold but we were still on! When we met on Soda Row, the sun was lighting up the clouds beautifully! I thanked the Lord that we wouldn’t be rained on and we agreed that a little bit of cloud cover was better than a downpour!

Cloudy Oquirrh Lake Engagement Session

Meg and Jake


As the song began, he kissed her. Like he had so many times that day. Holding his beautiful wife in his arms, spinning her around, like they were the only people in the room. Looking around the room, all eyes were on Cecilia and Stephen, the new Mr. and Mrs. Pistorius. Friends, Family, kids, and adults, everyone was watching their first dance.

Sunny Summer, Navy and Dusty Blue Wedding

Cecilia and Stephen Pistorius